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We are very interested in what you have achieved with the money we have given.

The reason why funders support your charity is because we want to make a difference. So, we want to know what difference our grant has made. We also want to be proportionate in the amount of information that we want you to return to us so we have kept the forms we need from you as simple as possible.

If you are awarded a Discovery Grant we will e-mail you one year after the award to ask you to submit two forms:

  1. A short impact report for the grant period that outlines what difference the award made to your organisation. You can view a copy of the Impact Form here.
  2. A trustee attestation that the grant was used for the wholly charitable purposes that it was awarded for. You can view a copy of the Trustee Declaration form here.

These reports help us to determine how effective our grant making programme is and the consolidated data is used in our annual report to the Charity Commission.

Grant Fraud

The Santander Foundation takes grant fraud very seriously as this diverts scarce resources and support away from legitimate charitable causes. We appreciate your help in ensuring that all the grants that we make are used for their intended charitable purpose. In those cases where we believe grant fraud has taken place we will request repayment of the grant and will not accept future applications from the charity or individual concerned.

Data usage

As a necessary part of the application process Santander Foundation will be collecting data about your charity. We may use this information as part of the process of monitoring the use of those grants.

From time to time the Santander Foundation may share the information with other grant providers and external auditors for the following purposes:

  • determining, preventing or detecting crime
  • ensuring that no one individual is receiving multiple grants
  • as part of our external auditing requirements

We will not keep your information on file for longer than we need to. In usual circumstances your file will be shredded after seven years.

By sending us an application you give your explicit consent for us to use data relating to your organisation for the purposes outlined here.